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Has anyone taken isoniazid because of a positive tb skin test? If so, did you have any side effects? The Dr. called me today and said she was gonna start me on isoniazid, but wanted me to come in and talk with her first. She said something about choices. I don't understand why it's not as simple as calling in a prescription. I do have POTS, and am hoping this med does not make me ill. I am finally able to work after 5 years of being sick. I am just curious, how do they even know if I have latent tb? Isn't there a blood test they can do?

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I think you still need the full TB workup, including x-ray, to determine if your TB is latent. When my family was exposed, the doc (who had spent several years in S. America treating active TB) wanted us all to take isoniazid regardless of our skin tests. As for this med and POTS, I have no clue. There are several meds to treat TB, so your doc may want to make you aware of the options and things to watch for.

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