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Dumping Syndrome


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I think I do....

Just had an episode of it I think....

It's like a meltdown starts in the gut, I get a headache, face felt numb and tingly, felt just bad all over,

and at the tail end hypoglycmemia, broke out in a sweat.

Vitals good 102/65 and 79

Blood sugar 89, I usually get symptomatic at 90.

I'm still at the tail end of my episode but it feels like the worst is over.

Headache is coming and going.

I look really pale right now my lips are still tingly.

I had just a bit of confusion with it, like it was hard to think, I had a feeling of fullness so the thought of eating anything else to bring up my blood sugar is like yuck.

I'm trying to sip an ensure?

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Lieze -- have you had a gastric emptying study? Dumping syndrome actually does sound like what you've been describing. I get symptoms after eating too. I get lightheaded, feel really spacey and confused... especially after large meals like Thanksgiving. I had the study done, but it was normal. I told a cardiologist about these symptoms and she said I should see some Dr. who specializes in metabolic disorders... but that guy didn't accept my insurance and was too expensive. Maybe you could see someone like that -- an endocrinologist who knows about metabolic problems? Have you tried just eating little bits spaced out through the day? I don't know -- just trying to think of ideas for you.

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Well I looked it up online and it sounds like it is fairly harmless, that you just feel crappy while it's happening but usually recover.

It says it can be controlled with diet and that sugar intake can trigger it.

I was drinking a juice with high fructose corn syrup before it started.

The GI place did no tests just said i had stress and anxiety but I go back next month.

I do not have nausea or vomiting with mine--so I am hoping it won't affect my weight.

I just know I have to eat no matter what basically so????

I'll just take my chances.

I eat constant just little bits,

The episodes do not happen very often for me thank goodness.

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I have rapid emptying and also have a hiatal hernia. I got an emptying study done and it showed the fast emptying. I was pretty certain that I was experiencing gastroparesis but the test revealed my stomach was fully emptied before 45 minutes. From what I've researched it makes sense that the rhythm of our stomachs are effected by our autonomic nervous system going out of whack.

And I would guess this is what you're experiencing as well. I get very panicky, sweaty and a sinking scary feeling in my chest after meals. It's all pretty frightening.

I take a PPI which i think helps - they're over the counter now and are pretty harmless. I try to also avoid simple sugars and eat high protein meals with complex carbs.

My gastro did pretty much nothing about it and gave me the same explanation that I was stressed and to go see a shrink. Total waste of time.

Do you ever vomit? I never do despite constant nausea. Although i belch constantly and always during meals - it's really uncomfortable, but i'm sure you know that all too well.


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