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Hi all!

I saw my doctor yesterday -- I've been taking salt tablets and increasing my fluids for about a week but still can't seem to put on any water weight actually any weight at all which is probably contributing to my POTS. I asked about DDAVP (and brought my doc lots of info from this web site!!) and he said I should give it a try and see if it helps me retain more fluid.

So I am starting off with .1MG of Desmopressin nightly.

Has anyone else given this a try?



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I've never tried DDAVP, but I have wondered if it would help me. I, like you, cannot keep weight on...and I eat like a horse. Also, being EXCESSIVELY thirsty was one of my biggest and most annoying symptoms when I first became ill...I just could not drink enough water to quench my thirst. I'm interested in hearing how DDAVP works for you and also other's experiences as well.


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Ok, I'll be the guinea pig!

Here's what I know so far ... the med comes in two forms 1)Nasal Spray or 2) Pill. I got both to see what I liked better. But the nasal spray had several possible side effects listed (most related to nasal irritation) and the pill listed NONE. The spray also had to be refrigerated .... So I'm taking the pill! Actually half the pill. My doc says to try the lowest dose .1 mg for a week or so and increase to .2 mg if I still do not notice any difference. The med seems to be a common drug used for bed wetting .... so they have lots of data on giving this to little kids. Apparently it is considered very safe.

I'm on day three -- will keep you posted!


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