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Painful Heart Beats?


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I'm sitting in the cardiologist department at Mayo and figured I would ask my DINET forum friends about my issue. I have been having some painful heart beats like when my heart is pounding and I can feel it beating. It goes beat, beat, beat, ouch, beat, beat, ouch, ouch. That type thing. Sometimes I'm just sitting and I'll feel just a very brief and sudden sharp pain. Not excruciating but definitely enough to scare me and make me concerned.

So I got on the stress test with my cardio back home and I could only walk for 5 1/2 minutes. He said he saw no evidence of blockages during that time but I'm concerned I wasn't on the treadmill long enough. I'm only 29 so doctors are highly skeptical about any blockage in my heart. My regular cardiologist tells me to ignore it. But I'm having a hard time pretending this isn't there. It really is unnerving and scares me. I have had an ultrasound a couple months ago and it only showed a mild leaky valve.

I did see on here in the forums someone mention that it can hurt when the heart is squeezing the blood through if there isn't enough blood to be pumped. Not sure if I imagined that up or not. Anyone heard of this?

Also, the EP doc here told me some younger women can have something (a vein I think...can't remember what he said) that collapses in the heart momentarily that can cause pain and they can take calcium channel blockers to help.

Anyone have this and know what it is???? Any thoughts or comments????

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I don't know the mechanism, but I had a lot of heart pain when I was extremely sick last summer, and it is one thing that is much better now. I have read reports of masto patients having chest pain, so I am not sure what is happening in us. Hopefully yours will get better with treatment.

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I used to have heart and chest pain. I saw the cardio. to make sure all was fine. It is good now, hardly happens. I take CoQ10 and magnesium among other things.. That helped. I hope you have a good doctor visit.

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I think this response from Dr. Watkins of the Autonomic Disorders and Mitral Valve Prolapse Center of Birmingham, AL addresses what is going on with you.

Q. Is there anything other than medications that will help keep heart rate down?

A. In general, regular aerobic exercise will help to keep heart rate down. This is due to conditioning and training. However, in patients who have mitral valve prolapse/dysautonomia this is not always true. If the patient is very aware of an increased heart rate and a forceful heartbeat, in general it will take medication to control the heart rate. Medications may include either beta-blockers or calcium channel blockers. Often a combination of a beta-blocker plus regular exercise will eventually lead to a more normal heart rate, which can then lead to taking medication only on an as-needed basis.


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