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Cfs - What Kind Of Doctor Do You See?


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What is the specialty of the doctor that treats you for your chronic fatigue?

If you truly have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and not 'chronic fatigue' you are limited in who to see. ME/CFS encompasses much more than just fatigue - but if you are here on a dysautonomia board, I suspect you also suffer from dysautonomia/orthostatic intolerance. The hallmark symptom of true ME is post-exertional malaise - do you get sick or become bedbound after too much activity? Can you handle aerobic activity? If not - then you could have ME and not 'chronic fatigue.'

There are very few docs in the country - or world - who specialize in true ME/CFS. Most docs will try to treat 'chronic fatigue' by supplements and vitamins and hormones. While all these things may help, they do not address the underlying issue of immune dysfunction. The top docs in the US for this are:

Dan Peterson (near impossible to get in with), Incline Village, NV

Nancy Klimas, immunologist, Miami, FL

Paul Cheney (extremely expensive), NC somewhere

Dr Enlander - NY I think

Lucinda Bateman - Salt Lake City, UT

Charles Lapp/Dr. Black - Charlotte, NC

I may be missing a couple of others...but maybe if you can read up on these docs and their treatments then maybe you can find a doc to work with you? Personally I took the plunge and traveled to Miami to see Nancy Klimas - my pcp has taken her suggestions and works with her on follow ups, etc. All these docs offer some sort of immune treatment - either in the form of antivirals or immunomodulators or antibiotics or the such.

Do your research at: forums.aboutmecfs.org - a forum that is light on the science but has many members so good patient experiences

mecfsforums.com - an intensely scientific forum that also works on advocacy. Just an FYI - big personalities on both of these boards.

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