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Happy Christmas Eve, I want to know if any of you experience the feeling of the floor moving while standing. I have not ever passed out but these past 2 days I have been feeling pretty off. Some of my symptoms are; tingling in lips and nose, dizzy, tight chest, weak and a little anxious. My blood pressure is looking okay at 112/73 with help of proamatine. I am on Celexa so I am not going into full fledge panic mode but I did take a quarter of Klonipin to help. Any suggestions on how to get rid of these I have a very busy Holiday 26 people coming. Thanks Nicole

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Hi Nicole,

First big hugs ... it's very hard to managing the old symptoms but when we get thrown with new adventures it takes extra effort.

I periodically get vertigo where it feels like the room is moving, not necessarily the floor -- but I live in California where the ground DOES actually move every now and then ;-)

You gave your BP stats, but how is your heart rate when you are feeling the symptoms. I've noticed that my BP actually stays normal, but my heart rate can be very high. Or not ....

Good luck sleuthing, hope you find some answers and relief soon.

Good thoughts,


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I get this feeling too, a couple a times a week. It will feel like the chair I'm sitting in is tipping over and I always hurry to grab the arms before I fall over or I'll be lying in bed and it feels like someone just lefted up the side of the bed to roll me out. I also get it standing in line which is the worst. On bad days if I'm driving and at a stop it still feels like the car is still moving. I have to push down hard on the brake to make sure I'm not rolling.

I haven't really found anything that gets rid of them. I think it's just another annoying symtpon to deal with. :)

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