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Worried About Daughter?


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Hi all - I have posted a few times before about my son who was diagnosed with pots at 14 and is now 20. I am now worried about my daughter who is away at college. She has had fainting episodes in the past (a few years ago) with stomach cramps, sweat, ringing in ears and vomiting (usually when sitting). This time a few hours before she passed out she felt very cold and her head hurt badly she thought she may have a fever and took tylenol. She got to her class, still with a bad headache, sat down for a few minutes and then remembers waking up with her head on her desk and not knowing where she was, she thinks she was out a couple of minutes! Her only warning was the headache and the chills hours before. Afterward she had a bad head and neck ache. She also has been feeling very cold lately, very tired and is gaining weight even thought she is not eating much. I have an apt for her in a couple of days but am worried because it's not like she stood up and got dizzy, she wasn't even light headed. Sound familiar to anyone, could it be a form of Pots??

Thanks so much,


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It could be DYS, but it could related to another condition as well. My daughter has not passed out, but she has always had problems with beig cold just started having severe migraines in September. She also gains weight though she doesn't/can't eat much. I have heard from some ladies on this forum where they can have DYS symptoms while sitting and/or laying down, not just standing. My daughter has just been diagnosed so we are still in the midst of tests being done.

Before going to your doctor, start keeping a log of her temperature, bp and heart rate. Start when she first wakes up in the morning, before moving about, after the first one, have her stand and retake the tests at 1,3 and 5 minute intervals. You can do the same thing with her by having her sit down and repeating the intervals. Do it again in the evening. The temp only has to be taken twice, once in the a.m. and once in the p.m. This will be a good start in determining if DYS is involved. If the results are not indicative of DYS, ask to have her checked for a venous malformation in the neck.

Attending college is very tough on the body especially when there may be a dormant condition. Hopefully she can get plenty of rest during Christmas break.

My prayers are with you and your daughter.


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