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  1. I have been dealing with constipation since I was a child. I have the same problem as you - every day I go a small amount but that is it. Unless I take laxatives and clear out my system it is always full. Very frustrating! Like you I used to go at the onset of my period but that does not happen anymore:(. Mirilax was a miracle cure for me for a few months but now it seems to be wearing off. Other things that I have had initial success with are; licorice root and chia seeds. Good luck to you! Please post if you find something that helps! Janie
  2. My son had frequent stomach aches and eating issues since he was about 4 but was able to function normally and was always very athletic. At 14 he started high school and cross country. We believe the excess exercise and stress triggered pots. It started with vomiting during exercise, exercise intolerance, fatigue, very frequent nausea, excess thirst and dizziness when standing. After months of testing we ended up at Froedert and he was diagnosed and put on a beta blocker, salt tablets and prilosec. These medications helped a little but he stopped them all when he went to college. He says he is somewhat better but I think he has just modified his life around the illness. His pots is not as severe as others on this forum as he is able to function but no where near what his former life was like. His doctor was optimistic that he would recover in his early twenties but still no sign. Janie
  3. Good Luck! I'll say a quick prayer for you! I am a bit medication phobic too so I know what you mean but its worth it to at least try! Janie
  4. I am so sorry that you are going through this! It's hard enough when you have a supportive husband, I can't imagine what it would be like without one. I know how you feel and I agree with dani. It would be best if you could separate the anxiety from all the other issues you are having so you know exactly what you are dealing with. Believe me anxiety will make everything worse and overwhelming! I was having constant PVC's and other heart issues when I was very anxious. Now that I am not so anxious I don't get them often. Can you handle alprazalon (sp?), tamazepam, klonipin?? They were literally life savers for me when I was at my worst. I hope things turn around for you!! And I hope your husband gets off his butt and starts to help out! Janie
  5. Not in my case nor my sons. I have run my whole life and my son started sports when he was 4. It wasn't until high school that he developed Pots and we believe it may have started because his exercising became more strenuous. He is now unable to exercise without vomiting. Janie
  6. Hi Serena, My son was diagnosed at 15 after a year of symptoms. He is now 20 and doing better. He chose not to take meds anymore but instead has adjusted his lifestyle to fit his illness. With that being said we are still hoping and praying that he will make a 'full recovery' but for now we are just grateful that he can function somewhat normally. He is away at college and doing well although aside from classes he isn't able to participate in many activities. Good Luck to your son! Janie
  7. Hi there - Occasionally I wake up and feel like I am choking and can't breath but when I grab a drink of water it goes away. Also when I lie down on my back I find it very difficult to swallow or talk. During the day I have times where I find it difficult to swallow and sometimes have what feels like neck spasms but it does not happen too often. I chalked it all up to POTS. Sorry you are having to deal with this, hope you can get a treatment plan soon!!! Janie
  8. When I am experiencing high or prolonged anxiety I have constant heart palpitations. I have also felt like my heart stopped and then started seconds later. I did have a holter test and it recorded several times where my heart had 1.8 seconds between beats. These were the times where I felt like it stopped - they sure felt longer though. The cardiologist was not concerned. When I am not anxious I still have palpitations but minimal. Good Luck to you, Janie
  9. how do they test for anti-cardio lipin? It's a blood test. It's a blood clotting disorder - kind of autoimmune - my body recognized the pregnancy's as foreign and therefore developed clots to terminate them.
  10. I had 2 children in my mid twenties but several miscarriages after that and then an inability to get pregnant. Mine was caused by high anti-cardio lipin. Janie
  11. I have taken both and still take Klonopin. I hate starting new meds also so I would take the klonopin first and wait until I felt less anxious and then take the celexa. If I take a med when I am very anxious I tend to notice more side effects. the celexa helped me a bit but I did gain wait eventually. Good luck Janie
  12. Hi Maxine - I started having heart palpitations when I started taking baby aspirin for a blood clotting disorder years ago. I never thought that they may be linked but maybe?? Janie
  13. I know how you feel about not being able to eat. I had a parodoxal reaction to an SSRI and it made me feel so incredibly anxious and terrified that I couldn't do anything much less eat. The only time I could eat was at night after I took Restoril for anxiety (it's a sleeping pill). It sounds like anxiety is making your condition/symptoms worse. While the doctors are trying to figure out what is going on with you can you take something for the anxiety and see if it helps a bit? Good Luck to you! Janie
  14. Okay, so what does this mean? I have the same reactions - I am so jumpy! What are your other symptoms? And Sue how is your doctor treating you? Thanks, Jane
  15. Thank You Robin, I will keep a log when she gets home. I didn't realize that temperature could be a symptom. Good luck with your daughter's testing. Jane
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