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Roll On The 22Nd Decemeber


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Hello all, yes I know its been a very long time since I have been on the site but so many things have happened to all the family.

Mark: now has really awful arthritis in his one hand and is waiting for the results of x-rays , he just doesn't know quite what to do for if he looses the use of this hand he will not be able to drive properly and do all the normal things we take for granted. He has also been having pain in his feet again and his walking is very bad at times.

Mike:is now having to use a stick , he's been falling down quite a lot, once as he went to get out of the car , which was something of a shock for him as one minute he was standing talking to me then he was gone !!!! Mikes also had his very first 'full blown attack' OMG did he look like death warmed up and it shocked him for now he knows why it is when I get an attack I spend the next day (after it finishes) in bed .He had sickness, violent head pain , total joint aches and the inability to keep upright ..... :blink: ......ooooooooooops he's on the floor again.

And me: well I've been about the same except I have found another tumour , but this one is very different.

Its just to the left above my belly-button and is grown somewhat.

I have been getting such pain that at times I think I'm going to pass out , if I'm out when the pain suddenly starts ( for no reason what-so-ever) I have got into the habit of grabbing hold of the nearest solid item and head down breathing through it , a bit like being in labour again !!!!

About 7 weeks ago I found this lump , it was at the same time I had internal bleeding and boy did I bleed , so I had to first go and see a specialist and have a check up.

She thought she had found the place inside that had been bleeding and offered to do some 'Banding' like an innocent fool I agreed and after some fiddling about I was suddenly in horrendous pain in the bum !!!!! Yes, the lady consultant had found three piles inside of me ( how nice for her) so with the help of some awful looking instruments she fitted tiny strong rubber bands to the base of each of the three offending little unwelcome guests .............if anyone ever offers this to you think twice then twice again. :(

The pain was so bad that my throat went into spasm, sweat poured off my face and I went as white as a sheet , Mark had to be called from the waiting room and help me get out of the hospital .

I had to take pethidine when I got home and for four days I was either bleeding, in pain or just felt like death again. After 14 days my little unwanted guests came away , but I have still been bleeding which is normally when the pain hits.

So , the one thing they do know is it is not a Hernia, which leaves either a twist in the large bowel just as it joins the base of the stomach or a tumour ( malignant or none malignant) I have been having more and more problems eating , which does leave me to believe that the stomach is involved for I am finding I cannot eat more than what a two year old would eat , if that .

My once lovely flat stomach is now very swollen and I've had to invest in a few tunics what are loose , rather like maternity wear :lol: :lol:

So fingers crossed as on the 22nd December (could they get it any nearer to Christmas if they tried I ask you !!!!) having emptied my stomach, intestines and everything above and beyond (sounds like a film score) the consultants will take a big step and seek out from above and below , this large free loader who is intent on causing me such pain , swelling and discomfort and one hopes that on finding such said 'lump' they will decided what they intend doing with it and when (please, please not on the 22nd )

So..........from my family , Mark, Mike ,Harley and myself may you have a happy Christmas and a great new year and I hope to be sitting comfortably :rolleyes: minus my unwanted guest some time in the near future .

Happy Christmas love from ......Ami xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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