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Having Another Venogram Next Week


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Just wanted to update on some interesting Dr. visits. I have previously been treated for PCS (Pelvic congstion syndrome) and figured that since it was treated it could not be causing my POTS anymore. A few weeks ago there was a discussion by POTSDAD about PCS that made me decide to look ino wether my symptoms can be attributed to continued problems with PCS. Anyway, I wound up in a vascular surgeons office. He looked at my origional pelvic MRI's and said my veins were "impressive". I am having a venogram next week because I have so much metal in my pelvis an MRI will not work anymore. I am afraid to even begin to get my hopes us that we may have finally found the cause of this. This Dr. actually told me that his goal was to make it so that I do not have this foggy I'm going to pass out feeling anymore and to increase my exercise tolerance. I have already been through so muh with this condition that I know better then to get my hopes up but we will see. I just thought I would share. As a side note I also have a small PFO that they may now consider closing because I guess my veins will put me at increased risk for problems. He is going to confer with my cardiologist on this one. I am a little concerned about that as well.

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I found your thread! That is what I thought you were going to say you were having checked out. I want to go see a doctor for it also, as I had BAD varicose veins with each pregnancy. My last pregnancy was 19 years ago(I've had POTS for 5 years). Toward the end of that pregnancy, I remember shopping a got really lightheaded. I had to go home and rest. It kind of came out of the blue, and after delivery, I never had that symptom again until 5 years ago.

That is why I would like to have PCS checked as a cause for my POTS, as I know I have the history WITH the same symptoms. I will PM you to see where your doctor is located, if you don't mind.

You know, the more I think of PCS and if blood pooling is related, it could explain even EDS people, as their veins get lax.

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