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Combo Of Florinef & Midodrine


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My newest cardio didn't have anything new to try, but he suggested combining Midodrine and Florinef. (When I tried midodrine before, a year or two ago, my then-cardio had me go off the florinef first.)

He said that I'd have to get monthly eye tests (at least for the first while) to check for warning signs of glaucoma, and also check my BP regularly.

Can anyone share their experiences with this combination? Any bad experiences with either of the two risk factors my doc mentioned, or any others that he might not have? Any advise would be appreciated.

I'll probably start taking the midodrine in a few days, since I want to have a bit of a baseline for my bp first.


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I have never been on both for an extended period of time. 15 years ago I was on both for about a month. Currently I am taking both again. I have been on Midodrine for the past 4 years, and my doctor just recently added florinef to my med combo. My doctor didn't mention anything about the risks of taking both together, so I appreciate the heads ups. There is a history of glaucoma in my family, so this is something I'll need to pay attention to.

This is the information I found on Drugs.com.

MONITOR: Although midodrine is often used with fludrocortisone (with or without salt supplementation) for the treatment of orthostatic hypotension, this combination may lead to excessive increases in blood pressure and intraocular pressure. Glaucoma may be aggravated in some patients.

MANAGEMENT: Caution is advised, especially in patients with ocular diseases. Blood pressure and intraocular pressure should be monitored during concomitant use. Prior to initiating treatment with midodrine it may be prudent to decrease the dose of fludrocortisone or decrease the patient's salt intake.

From Drugs.com Interaction Checker

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