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Crazy Readings???


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ok, so ive been really poorly for over a month now and much as i am not a huge fan of over monitoring things due to the paranoia it creates in me i caved and have been keeping an eye on things (bp, pr and o2 sats).

I have had some extremely freaky readings and wondered if i am alone on this. I am going to monitor for a little while and if things continue as they are i will contact my dr.

My bp has been like a pendulum swinging from the extremely high 169/140!!!! to the low 100/50. My pulse rate has had periods of swinging from the 150's (240 once)to 29 at one point and my o2 sats can dip as low as the low 70's when i am walking.

I would like to get a guage of what sorts of extreme readings others have had in the hope that i find im not so extreme??

p.s the equiptment ive monitored with is all hospital grade and has been calibrated.x

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yes, the swings in blood pressure and heart rate are frustrating and exhausting. my BP varies greatly: 120's/80's to 60's / 40's. with random

uber high BP readings in between 178/ 100. heart rate is variable as well: 40's while supine and quiet--130's -150's while dressing or raising my arms overhead,

while showering for instance...

polar monitor: i wear a polar monitor (thanks to a recommendation from tearose) and this helps me to

avoid going into my danger zone. often times i actually do not perceive that my HR is too high-- i feel only fatigue, weakness

and lightheadedness. the monitor has helped me to see patterns and to document them. my NP started to pay closer attention

to my litany of symptoms when the monitor i was wearing, during an office visit, clearly showed that my HR was fluctuating

30-40 BPM with the normal bodily movement,

happy thanksgiving and healthful wishes,


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Mine is off the wall as well. I was tried on 2.5mg of Bystolic - then a week ago we added clonidine. Well first couple of days were okay ... then I got the ever familiar widely labile readings. Wed. nite it was 79/51 and then in the morning it was 140/100. I took meds and by nite it was 99/66. This morning 153/111. Took the meds and now I'm about normal.

The nurse called to tell me to cancel and stop the clonidine because of how low I was getting - but when I had those morning highs again - I told her I'll just stay on what I'm taking.

I have these widely varying b/p's for about 2 years that I know of. I used to be just high - with meds to keep it normal.

Not sure what's going on - other than hydration and salt status. Too much salt (as in Turkey dinner maybe?) I run higher -- too little fluid in a day I run really low. But not sure if it's cause and effect or me just wishing to heck I understood the mechanism of action when your body does this.

I'm bothered with a dry hacky cough without being sick for a week now too - but sounds like it can't me med related - though it feels like the same cough you get with ACE inhibitors. Maybe it's the quality of the air in AZ? Allergies (even though I'm not an allergy person?) Maybe just coincidence the cough - but it sure is annoying.

So take heart - hopefully your crazy readings won't or don't impact your health negatively - I know I feel tired whether high or low -- it's all the same...

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Are there patterns in your variability? I am new to researching dysautonomia (which is why I'm here!), but I have read that blood pressure in general has a diurnal rhythm, such that it is lowest at night. If your "homeostasis" mechanism is busted, it would make sense that your daily highs can reach really high and your nighttime lows can reach really low. (don't quite understand why, yet, but I'm working on it :)

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