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I Get It !!!

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I must first say I am sorry. For years I would read posts from and speak with folks who were treated as mental health patients instead of a patient with a medical problem. I thought I got it. I had a rectal bleed on Oct 6, I took myself, my laptop, (I have internet access to my medical records) and went to a hospital across the street. My potasium was 2.1 my blood counts were close to "transfusion level" I had MRI and they scheduled End/Col They weren't keeping the IV hydration where it needed to be, and I told them. Showed them on my record. They called and spoke to my husband and he confirmed the level of fluids I need and the hospitalist that night "got it". After getting admitted to the floor at 11 pm. in ER from 4:30 a.m. They gave my IV morphine for pain and Temezapam for sleep. Then the nurse brought in go lightly. As per her notes she woke me and poured a little in my mouth and I fell back asleep. She then said I am going to give you this in NG., I think my reply was do what you gotta do. Knowing that I cannot have NG tubes because of bariatric surgery. My pouch only holds 7 oz. So in she comes puts the tube in and pours the go-lightly and then added 2 cans of carbonated soda into my 7 oz stomach. The next day DOD ( doctor of the day) a woman argued about the fluids and made a psych consult. She didn't examine me. Just bolted. My med list scares her.

I go for the proceedures in mid afternoon. I am the only one in or the anesthesiologist came out and I said remember --NO PROPOPHAL-- she said thats there protocal and I said that wasn't gonna happen. I had spoken to anesthesia the night before and we had a plan it was in my chart. doing , its ok., another doc came by and they talked around me and he 4x saif patting my shoulder "we'll just use propophal -- each time I responded NOT GONNA HAPPEN. So she said then I will give you general anesthesia. What could I do? I was alone, no one waiting, had a bleed and needed to figure it out. So they intubated me and did the procedures.Causes psychosis in me.

I was back in my room on the bedside commode, and in walks the psychiatrist. And she just sits down in the chair!!!!!!!! She talked to me for awhile and then said even though they had contact info for each and every doctor on my team. They called my husband. He gives accurate info but should't have to. Her notes said she didn't know how reliable I was. The theory I allowed them to do invasive stuff instead of bowel prep. general anesthesia. Also it was concerning that i disrobed in front of the nursing staff. Know that this is being discussed with this place. One that didn't know dysautonomia. when they are in the top for treatment

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