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Funny Smell?


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Hi guys,

Just wondering if anyone gets this before passing out??

ive had a couple of episodes over the last few weeks and have noticed that i get a really hot strange feeling in my throat/back of nose and then a funny sort of smell moments before i get the feeling im going to pass out? Ive been under the weather anyway due to having rabies vaccines (discussed in another post) but this is new to me and im trying to find out if its specifically due to the jabs im having or if its something that happens fairly commonly before people pass out??

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Im not sure if this is much help to you, but epileptics usually get a smell before an episode its called an aura. Have you ever had an EEG or have been assed for seizures. I know ur probably thinking what is he on about but its the only condition I know of that a funny smell before loss of conciousness is associated with.

All the bes.

Jonathan x.

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Yeah I've gotten the smell but nothing really bad happens associated with it.

I think if anything it makes me anxious and I can't tell you what causes it.

I have gotten it with episodes but have not passed out.

I used to get it when exercising occasionally afterward and back then I didn't have any of these issues.

And very randomly I will all of a sudden sweat an ammonia scent. Other women have had this issue too that I know of and nothing bad happens as a result I just get worried and think there is something wrong with me. But then maybe I go another several months before it happens again.

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Yes, I get it too. It's like my sense of smell is REALLY sharpened before I pass out. If I am bending down, working, & then I stand up quickly- this often happens...leads me to believe that it's related to a sudden drop in BP.

Sorry things are so rough right now :(


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