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Propranolol Is Helping, But Would Like Recommendations For A 'Selective' Beta Blocker


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Hello all!

I've had my ups and downs lately and am trying to get things together for my annual visit with the POTS Cardiologist.

I'm currently on Propranolol and it's helping, so that's a good things. It's a 'non-selective' Beta Blocker, though, and, while I've kept my allergies (and thus my allergy-induced Asthma) under control, I wonder if there are any selective Beta Blockers that you use that work for POTS?

I want to take a few discussion points to my doctor, and this is a concern in case I have to switch Beta Blockers down the road.

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Beta 1 selective agents in order of selectivity: Metoprolol (Lopressor®), atenolol (Tenormin®), bisoprolol (Zebeta®), and nebivolol (Bystolic®) at 5mg dose

Labetalol and carvediol are mixed alpha/ beta antagonists, as thankful mentioned. The beta portion is non-selective (beta 1 and beta 2).

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