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More On Pcs And Nutcracker


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I have been treated for Pelvic Congestion Syndrome (PCS) but think I am still having problem that way that might be contributing to my Pots. They surgery notes from my vein embolzation read, Left Renal and ovarian venography, subselective catherization and embolization of ovarian vein varices and secondary refluxing left renal vein embolized just below the left renal vein. Anyway, I am still having pelvic pain and want to look into it. I can no longer go to the Dr. that did this surgery because be passed away (sad story). My cardiologist referred me to a vascular Dr. However in the past I have always heard to go to an Interventional Radioligist. Is there a difference between these types of Dr.'s? If so which type of Dr. do you think I should see? My cardiologist is not a POTS expert but seemed will to try to help. Thanks>

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From what I've read, an interventional radiologist will be the one to diagnose and then put the coils in. A vascular surgeon would know what to do with the information you already have. I don't know which would be more helpful regarding NCS.

I was just passing a place today where women can go get a 4-D fetal ultrasound. I was thinking why couldn't I order my own ultrasound of my renal vein??(Of course, wouldn't know how to interpret it!!).

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