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Flying And Pots


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My doctor told me not to fly commercial because of the altitude, not to go above 10,000 feet. I have flown in a small plane and stayed under that and had no problems. I do know there are others on this site that have flown commercial and are able. I'm sorry it doesn't really help you. I think you'll just have to try it and see how it goes for you.


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I have done ok with flying. Make sure that you stay hydrated. I got a bulk head seat so I could put my feet up. I also wore compression. If you get too hot in full compression... you can try knee high stockings and then something like spanks "higher power".

It also has helped me to not fly alone. I have traveled with my husband or my parents. I just felt better not being alone and then you have someone else to deal with your luggage.

I also wear "rocker bottom shoes". They are a bit ugly but they help me. I hope you make out well. I would call your airline ahead of time to make sure you can get bulk head seating. Having room to put your feet up helps.

I wore my hr monitor and found it a little funny that during take- off my heart rate jumped from 60 something to 90 something. But really I felt no worse that usual.

Also the bathrooms on airplanes are so gross but I know that I am going to have to use it. Drink V8 if you can stand it. I also take my "cane" seat with me. If I need to sit I don't have to sit on the floor. People also are less likely to hassle you if you pre-board because we look so healthy :lol: . Let us know how you make out!

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I have always struggled with flying greatly. But only if it's a long flight. A flight of 3 hours is fine. But if I go to Europe I really need time to recover. By the end of the flight, I am just ill. But I have never checked my hr/bp travelling. Just very weak, beyond exhausted, body is burning with fatigue. It's rough. But how long is your flight? Bring a large bottle of water with you, so you don't have to keep begging for the little cups/tiny bottles that they offer.

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I can fly, but I take precautions. I let the airline know that I'll need a wheelchair to and from the gate. I try to fly with someone, so I don't have to carry the heavy stuff. Also, once I get past security, I find a deli or someplace that sells propel or G2 (or equivalent) and dump a couple of salt packets into it. I sit in the aisle when possible. When you come to the gate in a wheelchair, ask one of the attendants if you can have priority seating (which can be helpful if you will be dizzy, need to use a cane, etc).

I always wear my compression garments when flying, and try to bring a small backpack that I can stick under the seat in front of me. That way I can prop my feet in to seat and elevate my legs just a little. If I start feeling really badly during the flight, I turn on the cold air and put my head down between my knees and clench my leg and abd muscles. That helps to push some of the pooled blood back upward.

I know many of us struggle with various joint/back pain issues and those airline seats are so uncomfortable. I try to ball my coat up and use it as a lumbar support. I also bring extra advil, or whatever other meds I might need. I don't check my meds in my luggage, in case the luggage is lost. I always bring them in my carryon.

Hydration is SO important. I try to fluid load once we hit the ground again.

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Recently I flew for the first time since getting POTS & I was scared but it was OK.

I made sure I was really hydrated, I wore an abdominal binder, and I asked the airlines for wheelchairs.

When going through security I told the TSA that I was disabled & was wearing medical equipment and I required a patdown. And boy did I get one. :/

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