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Alcohol And Pots


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Hello to all my POTS friends. I have a question involving alcohol. Rarely have I ever drank. Now and then a glass of wine for special occasions. However, now when I try to have a drink, my heart rate climbs and blood pressure sky rockets. Then I have the weakness and tiredness for days after. Why does it cause my POTS to act up? One glass of wine or one bottle of beer and a crisis hits me. Before having POTS, I never experienced these problems with my occasional drinking.

Thanks for any responses.

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I have similar problems, and it is definitely frustrating. I am not a big partier anyways, but sometimes it feels like people feel I am just being a prude. there is such an expectation to drink if other people are drinking, and they don't understand the effects on my body. I have found myself having one drink just to fit in even when it makes me sick. i know that is not wise!!

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