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Speaking Of Heavy Metals, Mecury In Hfcs!


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My dentist just informed me of the shocking news that high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), in addition to being very hard on the liver, also contains mercury! I don't know that this relates directly to dysautonomia, but it certainly cannot help us. So, HFCS just might be another food additive we might want to avoid.

1. Washington Post article exposing research that confirms mercury is in most HFCS and the general population is at high risk of toxic levels of mercury ingestion.


2. You Tube - Univeristy of Calgary School of Medicine showing effect of micro amounts of mercury on neuron growth in the brain (i.e. ability to maintain intelligence)

3. This is a site that lists foods that have HFCS. It is basically all processed foods and drinks that have sweetness (pop, cereal, cookies, bread, etc)


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Interesting, thanks for posting.....I was just wanting to get off that stuff. I 'm wondering what of the non sugars we can have, as my triglycerides are 675 since I consuming so much SUGAR. I really don't want to eat, I feel better tummy wise to drink my meals. Most contain SUGAR or what you just listed. I had been staying away from artificial sweeteners due to the fact they worsen neuro conditions. Anyone know? I'll ask the neuro this week.

Bellamia ~

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Yes this is a fact for sure!

I'm so glad to see that someone posted about this!

HFCS is a very toxic substance. It sickens me to no end their ridiculous commercials claiming it's "natural" and just "made from corn." And now they're going as far as to change it on labels from HFCS to just "Corn Sugar."

Just like the disgusting lies that splenda is made from sugar.

This country is the worst for putting toxins in EVERYTHING and having their lies and propaganda to trick people into consuming it.

There are so many toxins we need to try to avoid, ESPECIALLY having POTS and being so sensitive to toxins.

With what all they are putting into EVERYTHING it is nearly impossible to do but we must continue to educate ourselves and do our best to avoid these toxins.

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