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I Don'T Know Whats Going On???


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Hey all,

I don't know why I've been feeling so awful lately the weather fluctuations or what...I noticed my menses was shorter sooner and lasted less which has never happened ever! I am so dizzy and disoriented which I get every time I have a cycle but my cycle is over and its getting worse. I'm so tired of going through this honestly I have been so depressed for the past few weeks and I am really spent on trying to figure all this out on my own. I'm back at the angry stage and any encouragement and ideas on what else could be going on because I don't know anymore

Sincerely Lissy

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Guest tearose

Well, it sounds like you are in a little relapse/potshole...

So, get your favorite comfy blanket and pillow and go into healing mode. Deal with things in segments. Deal with your saddness with things that bring you joy. Try to rest more and try to treat yourself to some gentle loving things that you can do for yourself!

Don't worry, you are not alone, and you will turn this around!

I too just went through a few days of some symptoms relapse-funk brought on by the change to cold weather.

Your hormones seem to be a bit out of whack too and this may become your new "normal" so try to ride it out if you can. I was never "regular" and fluctuating hormones do make ANS things harder to manage. If you find you can't handle the changes then follow up with your Gyn.

I do suggest you look into increasing your electrolytes. I am amazed at how I can get a woosh of help from some powerade or powdered electrolytes. Are you able to go for a walk? Or can you manage some leg lifts from the floor? I find listening to some music and doing some floor exercises at rough times helps me keep from getting deconditioned.

Sending you lots of encouragement and hugs,


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