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Choline Bitartrate


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Hey guys,

I recently went off to a naturopath (who had been recommended to me) and she actually listened to what I had to say - amazing!! So, she's recommended that I take these supplements - one is mainly choline bitartrate and the other is amino acids + choline bitartrate. Has anyone tried this stuff and had any luck with it??

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That is interesting! About three weeks ago I decided if everyone responded so well to mestinon, which is used by myasthenia gravis patients, then maybe it has something to do with acetylcholine. So I researched about how it is made in the body and of course, knew choline had to be a part of it! But, I knew I couldn't eat a ton of eggs to get choline, so I bought some lecithin. It contains phosphatidylcholine. I took about a tsp. a day, for about two weeks, but didn't notice much, so kind of forgot to keep taking it. Now, a week without it, I look back and see that I had done a little housecleaning last week, and my gi system seemed to have moved along a little easier, but I'm not positive it was related to the choline. I will have to start it back up and see again!

Why was the NP having you take it? I have been drinking alot more milk(lactaid) to try and increase my protein intake, as I'm not sure I digest meat very well and can't handle the bloat from beans.

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She said it would support my parasympathetic NS and should help to balance out some of the nervous system issues. I'll let you know how it goes! Not sure it would suit everyone, but I tend towards adrenergic so we'll see. I'm cautiously optimistic ;) The other comments she made was that my system is acidic and my liver is quite compromised (have apparently been exposed to quite a few toxins at some point).

Do you like eggs or tofu? They're some other pretty good options for protein.

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