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I have an appointment with Dr. Francomano in Baltimore in mid-October, and I just called to try to arrange medical travel insurance (I am Canadian). I was informed that there is a three month "stability clause" that specifies that one needs to have a three month period with no changes to symptoms, treatment or medications for a particular medical condition for it to be insurable. I have not been officially diagnosed with anything yet, but have been put on midodrine and beta-blockers within the last three months. I was told that if anything happened relating to my heart while I was in the States it would not be covered by insurance. I was hoping to be able to travel to the US to see some doctors who know about POTS, but don't feel like I have been medically "stable" for three hours in a row, let alone three months. Is that even achievable with POTS/dysautonomia? Does anyone have any insight into or experience with this problem? How am I supposed to travel to see doctors who might be able to help when the condition itself prevents me from getting medical insurance? Nothing seems to work these days.

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I'm really sorry you're having to deal with this. I live in the US, and when I travel in the US, I also buy insurance for my flights in case I can't make it the day I have scheduled to travel. It works great, and they've always given me my money back. Other than the medication, it sounds to me like they would have no basis to deny you travel insurance because you have no identified diagnosis! You have no "particular medical condition", but you've been given meds for certain symptoms. See if your doctor will write a letter to this insurance company stating the facts. Many of us (I think) don't have a lot of medical back-up if something were to happen to us if we were out of our home states, for instance. Sometimes you just have to go with the greater need!



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