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Having A Dilemma


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Once again I need a antibiotic I have an abscessed tooth that actually needs to be pulled soon and I need to take this medication but I am terrified. Mentally I know I need to take it because the infection can spread but I'm so scared of having side-effects I haven't started it yet:( Does anyone have suggestions I feel like a baby!!! But this is a serious FEAR and once the appointment day comes to have it pulled I only imagine how SCARED I'm going to be...

Thanks friends I really need to overcome this

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Well, you should not be on any that you have a known allergy or sensitivity to. For new ones, you only need to be on the lookout for the hives, burning or whatever your reactions can be. Can you take benedryl with you where ever you go until your dentist appointment? Are you near an ER if you worsen and have serious reactions?

If you tend to have serious reactions, you could also take the antibiotic while sitting in the doctor's office.

Please remember that you have an infection and you need to treat that.

Try to figure what it is that you fear...is it a serious reaction that you have had from antibiotics before? Then try to get a safer antibiotic or be in a place that you will feel safe in, in case you have a reaction.

best regards,


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Miss Tea has great advice as usual. You must have reason to be fearful....Maybe share that with us to help us understand. Be sure to take an antibiotic- one that is a SAFE for you.

I just wanted to add that I had a tooth pulled somewhat recently (w/i 10 years) before orthodontics. Mind you it was a healthy tooth, not absessed, BUT it didn't hurt at all. I had a few shots of novacaine- given s-l-o-w-l-y so they worked as they were being given (fairly painlessly.) The dentist, (who used to work in a women's prison :blink: my regular guy was out) gently yanked and it came right out. Beforehand, I jokingly told him I wasn't a tough prison chick, more like a fragile pansy :D Regardless, he did a great job on this wilted flower.

Yours will come out equally as easily and painlessly as long as you can take your antibiotics to get rid of that infection first. A tooth abscess, untreated, can cause MANY frightening complications. Google it.



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