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Working Again But At The Cost Of Vision


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i started working again and its goin good. sorta. im on my feet the whole day. then come home and i seem to have vision issues. i.e. harder focusing, blurry, bright light physically hurt my eye balls. kinda weird when looking from one spot of the room to the other. it seems to drag what im seeing from the first spot to the second.

does this sound familiar and or do you think it has anything to do with being on my feet alot again?

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I can relate. When I am on my feet, moving around alot, I typically get blurry vision when I stop what it was that I was doing. I believe this is at least similar to what you explained. I have found that by drinking even more fluids and consuming more salt, I can avoid this to some extent. Helpful drinks for me are gatorade/sea salt and orange juice/sea salt.

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