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I am looking for a few volunteers to help me with a couple of things. First, I write the meet the member column for this site and am looking for people who would like to be profiled. It's great to get your story out there and help to educate family, friends and others. You never know who you may help by telling your story :-) If you are interested in being profiled for the dinet newsletter, please send me a personal message.

Second, I am working on an article for a children's magazine about what it is like for a teenager to live with POTS. I plan to profile a teen (or more than one) who suffers from POTS, explain what POTS/dysautonomia is and how it affects his/her life (friends, dating, school, etc.). I also plan to focus on what to do if you have a friend who suffers with a chronic illness. I am looking for anyone who may have a child who has POTS and would like his/her story told. This is a great opportunity to educate the younger generations! I will also be contacting dynakids.org but thought I'd check here as well.

Thanks very much!!!!

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Hey Daisy-

Mack said he'd be happy to answer some questions via E-mail- would that work? He really downplays his illness, but at the same time he thinks it's important to educate others about it. Let me knwo if you want his E-Mail address.



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Thank you so much to Mack and Hayley!!! I would love to include them both in my article - it will be great to get a perspective from a guy and a girl.

What I will do is put together some email questions and forward to them.

If you could please send me a personal message with their email addresses, that would be great.

Thank you so much!!! I am very excited to write this article :D

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