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Compression Stockings - Wear Them At Night?


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The subject was brought up on another thread about whether or not to wear compression stockings at night or just during the day.

I tried last night to not wear them and my feet and legs went numb and hurt really bad. I had to get up and put them back on. Still I had a time with my pulse dropping too much during the night - even with the hose and my legs elevated. My circulation is so bad and so is the blood pooling. Anyone got any suggestions?

It was said on the other thread that if you wear them at night, they won't work during the day when you're up and about. I do have to sit with my legs up most of the time, but it's so much better now that I have the hose.

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Hi Issie~

It does sound like you might have some other issue, I agree with tearose. My doctor told me to just wear my compression hose during the day, but I would check with your doctor and see what they say. Good luck!

Hugs, J

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I just wrote on the other thread too...

Okay, so it sounds like you may have something else going on.

Do you have back or spine issues?

Well, I have so many issues that I usually don't even talk about them. Yes, I have back and spine issues. Mayo did a work up and said there wasn't one place on my body that they looked that I don't have arthritis. Also, I broke my back at age 37. Have FMS and EDS. And because I had such bad varicose veins, at age 26 had branches of them taken out. Not vein stripping, just the parts of the veins that were bulging so bad - cut out. I got lots of issues. So any of these could cause the problems. It's just as I age things are getting worse. I've never been told that I have DVT. I saw a vein doc about 2 years ago and they just said to wear hose. But they did no testing. That was before knowing that I had EDS or POTS. I guess it wouldn't hurt to do some type follow up for my veins.

How could the back and spine issues connect with my legs?

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Guest tearose

From what little I do know, if your back is out of alignment parts of the nerves that surround the spine can become irritated or pinched and this could cause the type of numbness and pain you talk about.

Did you see anyone recently to check out your back?

Just try to get confirmation that it is okay for your condition to wear the compression hose all night.


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