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anyone tried buthers broom


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I've read buthers broom helps OI symptoms by raising blood pressure upon standing, but not causing high blood pressure when lying down. I'ts also suppose to help blood from pooling in the legs. It would be great if we could find natural ways to treat these symptoms without using all these harsh drugs.Drugs to treat one symptom almost always has a side effect, and god knows we don't need another symptom to deal with. If anyone has tried this herb, please let me know how you did on it and if it helped.

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(I just saw that you have two posts on this same topic and that you already got some replies on the other post. (My orginal reply is below). I agree about the part that Beverly said about using it w/ caution if you have problems with hypovolemia, since it does have diuretic actions.)

Hi Tanna,

I think it's great that you posted this questions. I completely believe in treating myself with as many natural methods as possible. When I first came to this board in July, one of the first searches I did was to look for any posts about butcher's broom. I came up with nothing! I saw no one had responded to you yet, so I wanted to bring this to the forefront again, hoping we'll find someone who's used this herb. I have not tried it myself. I use licorice root to help with BP but I've always wanted to try butcher's broom to see if it helps. Right now I don't seem to have a tremendous problem with pooling my legs though.

As with any herb or med, I would start out in small doses and just make sure it doesn't interact with any medications you're on (if any). You may also want to talk to your doctor about it and bring him any literature on it that you can find so he can monitor you if you decide to go on it. Please let us know if you do. :)

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