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Lost charts/ paper work!


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Have others found it a problem with facilities loosing your chart and paperwork. My chart has been missing from a facility since????? I had an appointment with my neurologist in August September and November and no chart. Noone can seem to find it. It is so frustrating. The appointments seem to be a wasted except they can order lab results which are on a computer., but still come on!!! I have ordered my progress notes and my PCP is supposed to get them after each appointment, but it has not happened. This is so frustrating!

Also, I have always kept all of my own paperwork. I had a Dr ask me for it and he said he would return it to me next appointment. I never got them back. He lost them in a move.

I recommend that everyone keep copies of all of there paperwork and do not trust anyone with them! I am sooo frustrated!!!

Dawn Anich

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Have to agree with you on keeping copies of your paperwork, Dawn!!! I have three sets in different places! You never know what might happen! :huh::unsure:

While I have not had to deal with lost paperwork yet (knock on wood!), I'm not ready to take the chance. :( I've had trouble with inter-office communication, though. I'll have a test done at a hospital and give the my cardio and neuro fax numbers, but three weeks later, the results still have not been sent. One of my jobs today is to get my VO2 stress test results sent (a second time!) from UPenn to my cardio so I can get a copy. I know these places are busy, but I really wonder how so many things can fall through the cracks?!

I am thankful that they do exist, though -- if I was still living in West Africa (where I spent my ages 3-10), I could never have received even a fraction of the medical care I do here. While I consider Niger my home and love the country so deeply, I can't say much for the medical care -- the country is far too poor to be able to provide what's needed for basic needs, let alone the bizarre conditions that we dysautonomials (real word?) :( are so familiar with.

Better luck with the records!

Angela :angry:

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Hi again, You are smart about your paperwork. I am sorry you have dysautonomia, but I am glad that you are here, so you can receive better medical care. I bet West Africa is beautiful. I have always loved to travel. Now I do it in my living room watching the TV.


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Sorry Dawn. I know how frustrating it is when your medical records get lost by your Dr. Good idea to keep a copy of all your records.

I had a sinus surgery in 1998 that that my HMO has no record of. Everything including surgeries should be on computer but this surgery is MIA. I had an afib during the surgery when they packed my nose so it's kind of an important record I would like to have for future surgeries.

I also found out they temporarily lost my brain surgery report. It was missing for about 4 months and then they finally found it right before I went to Mayo.

Now, I try to get copies after everything although I sometimes forget.

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Guest tearose

Hi Dawn,

I would suggest you be a bit more assertive and go back to the doctor who lost your charts and insist THEY create the new files for you. Make it THEIR problem!!! I have also been so frustrated in similar situations of poor medical follow up that I constructively went to the administrator of the medical group and had a talk. Be poised, be factual be assertive! Good luck, tearose

PS I even had to do this out at the Mayo in 1992 and again in 2003! Be that squeeky wheel!

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