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Pain in my side..


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Let's see..how do I explain this? For the past year I've been getting swelling and mild pain on my left side..just above my hip. It curves around to my back and abdomin..but it's not a "deep" pain..almost feels like muscular in nature? When I lay down it sometimes feels like something is "poking" out..puts pressure on my back and hip. When I palpatate it..I don't feel anything. I've had two x-rays and the docs. haven't seen concerned. It tends to come and go..when it "flares" up it's really irritating..kinda' hot and itchy. Could it be an irritated nerve or something? I tend to lean toward that side when I'm propped up.

I intend to ask my new doc. about it in Dec...but just wanted to know it ya'll had simular experiences or any ideas. Thanks for listening!

Oh, and for all you SEC fans...WAR EAGLE!! :)

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Wareagle, I have had the same trouble with my left side for years. I was told it was a muscle problem and was given stretches to do, sometimes they help, sometimes not. At worst it is like laying on burning hot sharp, pointed, gravel, at best like a mild burning/itchy feeling. To stretch I lift my arm over my head and bend to the left, then the other way. Then I wrap my arms around my chest and twist both left and right as far as I can. To keep my rib muscles as lose as possible, I take 10 deep breaths (all the way down, into the stomach), at least 5 times a day. If you can, try asprin, iburophin, etc. Sometimes heat or cold helps too.

I hope you feel better soon.


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