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Received Disability for POTS?


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I'm losing my motivation in appealing the disability process and I do not want to continue unless I know there is someone out there with hyperadrenergic POTS who has successfully applied for and is receiving Social Security Disability. I do not faint or get low blood pressure that I know of. I just feel sick when standing or sitting still for long, and get extreme fatigue, chest pains, stomach problems and difficulty thinking after awhile while at my former job. Feeling sick because of being in a vertical position does not necessarily mean I cannot sustain employment. So I keep waivering in whether or not to proceed.

Please, let me know if you receive disability. Thanks.

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Some patients have found this article helpful in obtaining disability. The results of this study show that POTS patients have a quality of life similar to those with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and those with congestive heart failure.

I hope this helps,


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