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Dealing with colds

Guest Julia59

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Guest Julia59

This week I got a big problem. A COLD! I have got to be one of the biggest baby's on Gods green earth when I get cold. Never mind all the other junk going on in my body----------I handle that fairly well ------but I absolutely HATE COLDS!

Make's me want to go out and hunt the person down who gave it to me---------but then I think it's probably some poor little kid-------it's not their fault....LOL

Got to have a little humor.

I always seem to get colds real bad---and they almost always go into my chest. I can not tolerate any cold medications. I can handle robitussin DM---and vicks vapo rub---that's about it.

Do you all notice that your heart rate is up when your fighting these viruses?

Another thing that is rough is the fact that th coughing doesn't help with all my neck/cranial issues. A BIG OUCH there.

Say a little prayer for my husband. I am always very crabby when I have a cold---the poor guy. He's being so patient.

Last night I felt so bad I felt like I was drowning.................

Take Care, I hope the cold/flu season is kind to you all.


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Wow, that doesnt sound fun at all. But-tis the season...

One medication I have found that works for me when I have a cold is Dayquill liquid-if you can stand the taste for a few minutes :( , it really helps to open up my chest and sinuses-it's alchohol free-and it doesnt keep me up like you'd think it would. One that I have found that doesnt work is the nyquill pills-I have noticed my heart rate really speeds-up and its hard to breathe when I take them-definately doesnt help me sleep.

Hope you feel better soon!

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I'm sorry that you're not feeling well.

Yes, my HR goes up everytime I get a cold. And my BP goes up as well.

I have dysautonomia but not POTs however my HR will go up over the 30 beats when I stand if I'm sick.And I get tachy when seated as well.

Re: not being able to take cold medicine I have the same problem. What I find helps congestion is Halls mentho lyptus cough drops. I also use Zycam ( only has zinc in it) nasal spray. I really think it cuts down the duration of a cold. Finally I have been using this nasal gel called Ayr. It also is non medicinal. Oh and of course chicken soup.

Hope you start feeling better soon. I'm also a big baby when it comes to getting colds ( and want to hunt the person down who gave it to me) because it makes my dysautonomia so much worse.

Take care,


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let's see...

a humidifier helps me a lot as well as those breathe-right strips with the menthon in them!

those are two ways to help without aggravating the POTS...

hmmmm....i can't think of anything else...except that you have a right to be cranky...

most people are cranky when they have a cold even with no other junk going on...so you definitely get to be cranky! how's that for a theory? :(

as for it aggravating POTS/HR...definitely...fighting anything infection, virus, or otherwise puts a stress on the system...

so treat yourself to some pampering and let your body recuperate!

how's that for an order? :) just teasing you!

off to bed now!

later alligator!

hope you feel better soon!


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In case you missed it, I thought I'd re-post a link to a great article on colds -- (I love learning the "why" of different symptoms, and this article does this better than any I've read...)


I take zicam too starting if possible at first sign of a cold (homeopathic nasal swabs you can get at any walgreens, cvs, drugstore...) and it really works for me w/no side effects.

Get well soon!


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Guest Julia59

Thanks for the replies,

I heard good things about Zicam. And, Emily, I think i'm going to get those strips---I didn't know they had menthol. So fatr i'm just taking Robitussin DM----and Vicks vapo rub. Drinking liquids----not much of an appetite.

The Doctor is making me go on an antibiotic because they said my lung x-ray was consistant with bronchitis. Darn----i had the x-ray before I GOT this cold.

I had called the Doc about three weeks ago to tell him about an annoying cough, and told him I was a little short of breath. I did not have a cold----just a weird cough. That is when he put me on Ceftin that I took for 7 days which was prescribed. I took the lung x-ray after the course of antibiotics. I was told to call after the antibiotics to let them know if they worked. I called and told them the cough was better---almost gone. They said go and have the x-ray anyway.

I was in the hosptial complex seeing Dr. Deran---cardiologist for a stress echo-----just to make sure my chest symptoms are not heart realted. Echo was normal thank God. I then went over to the hospital---St. Luke's and had the lung x-ray. This was well over a week AFTER the antibiotics. I'm puzzled. I thought they worked-----I was fine---I thought. Then this cold------------I feel quite weak---and have a lot of congestion.

Now on to a different antibiotic.

Julie :0)

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Guest tearose

Julie, hope you start feeling better soon. Do take it slow especially since you are feeling weak. I recently discovered extra soft kleenex tissues and they are so gentle on a runny nose. If you get too crabby maybe your husband will volunteer to go to the market and treat you to a box! Hang in there, tearose

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