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something that has helped me


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My POTS symptoms were always worse in the mornings - i was getting very dizzy and couldnt handle standing much at all - spaced out and very weak. I was also getting hypoglycemic reactions - im not sure if this was actual suger levels or just an overly adrenal reaction, or maybe a drop in blood pressure...

on my doctors advice, i have started having a large breakfast everymorning - importantly of low fat bacon that is very salty - two or three pieces atleast, with one or two eggs for protein and some tomatoes.

The result is that im greatly improved - and my symptoms are much better. I still get dizzy, and i still get hypovolumia, but i feel much less of an impact on my life.

I also only use betablockers at night now.

I find that i used to cycle from very hypovolumic in the morning - dizzy, weak, cold and spacy and then towards the end of the day i would get very wired - tremors, hot, tachycardia, etc. It was so bad that my bolldpressure would spike higher than it should be. Since my new diet which would be probably quite bad for others with high blood pressure - it has regulated back to normal.

Hope this helps someone.

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I'm glad the increased salt and fat in the AM is helping you. During pregnancy, I discovered the same thing. Postpartum my condition progressed to a point tho where this diet alone was not enough -- and I was disabled for quite awhile. I continued with the high salt diet though--which definitely helped some--and eventually started an SSRI, which for me was the single most effective treatment I used.


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