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Not sure if you guys remember me but I posted back in march last year asking if anyone knew a doctor in Ireland who knew about POTS. Luckily someone pmed me a name and I booked an appointment and got diagnosed late last year! Hooray!

Just want to say thanks to all you guys. I wouldn't have gotten it if it wasn't for this great support network.

Thanks agaiN!

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It feels strange saying congratulations on being diagnosed.... but I suppose that you would be sick regardless of a diagnosis. Congratulations on having a name for your condition and hopefully a treatment plan that can help manage your symptoms.

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Foggy I haven't been diagnosed yet either, are you feeling any better?

No sadly not. The beta-blocker I was prescribed just made the fatigue worse. I'm meeting with my consultant again soon to discuss other options. That doesn't mean something simple like beta-blockers won't work for you though, so I wish you the best of luck getting your diagnosis sooner than later. I wouldn't wish this illness on anyone for a moment more than necessary, especially if there was a simple solution.

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