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Dr Grubb and disability


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Hi, does anyone know if Dr Grubb is receptive and cooperative with a pt getting their disability? Will he fill out the necessary report from your attorney?

I ask because my attorney says I really need his input and need him to fill out a functional report for me in order to really help my case. I called Dr grubb's office and spoke with one of his unpleasant nurses today(some are pleasant). She told me that he doesn't deal with disability and that he has NO patients that are disabled. I know that isn't true because he told me himself that he had several.

She said he MAY look at the form IF I come in for another visit, but that may be all. He definately couldn't fill it out while I was there and didn't know if he even would. She said he had stacks of them, which I find unacceptable. I know he is out of commission right now but I am talking about just in general. I'm not sure if she is telling the truth or not because she was very cold to me.

I did explain to my attorney that I was physically not able to make it 12 hrs (or financially) but he insisted it would be in my best interest. I would be willing to try the trip-i think- if I knew I would have some success of getting help. My attorney said he would make it very simple for the doctor. Basically all he would have to do is check some boxes if they applied to me and that would be it.

My question is, has anyone had any experience with Dr Grubb and disabilitly, and do you think it is worth putting myself through pure **** to get there???

Thanks for any replies!!

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Hi Danelle,

I don't know if Dr Grubb will help with the paper work but I certainly do know that he has many patients who are on disability pension. I am one of them and I personally know others. I got my paper work done through my PCP and a referral from the specialist. Here specialists don't fill up the forms because it takes almost 3 hours but they are willing to write a little lettter.


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