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How Long Before I Will Know If A Bb Is Working?


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I was just given yet another beta blocker to try. All the other ones I have tried have made me feel awful but I am wondering if I did not give my body enough time to get use to them. I stopped them after a few days they made me feel so bad. Do I just need to give my body time to adjust?



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I also felt awful on the first bb I was given. The one I take, Bystolic is thought to work differently than most, but I still felt bad and was ready to stop after a day or two so the dr added florinef and it kept my bp up but hr down and made a difference for me. Without the florinef I felt like I was going to pass out and bp went low. I could tell a difference within 3 days after that. Your body may adjust somewhat, but I would say if you continue to feel worse instead of better call your dr.

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I also take my BB and florinef and they seem to work together. I also took Midodrine for a stretch to support my BP while taking my BB since it was dropping too low!

Good luck!


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