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Kids Band


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Hi All,

Just wanted to post a link to my childrens band! They are only 10 and 11 years old. My 11 year old daughter is the singer and my 10 year old son plays lead guitar!.

Check out youTube. Fretz. Sweet child of mine and Fretz seven nation army.

Its this sort of thing with my children that keeps me going every day!

From Very proud mom!

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Awesome!!! Really enjoyed it. All very talented! My son's in a band, too (he's 17 y/o) and plays college bars that he can't get into :rolleyes: . I LOVE hearing & seeing him play. It just makes me happy. I know he's doing what he loves and that makes me at peace.

That bass player has a future in the biz.... How old is he?


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