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Update: Got My Meds Changed...

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Went to the doctor today. Got one of my medicines officially upped, because I'm a manic depressive wreck. Got the other changed, because the propranolol that served me so well for the past year and a fourth is no longer doing its job. Got an antibiotic because -suprise suprise- I have another infection. This one in my throat\sinuses. It makes my tongue itch because of the cobblestones. I'm expecting to hear the chuck wagon horses any minute in my mouth.

Though it was amusing when he said to hop up on the table and I did, got dizzy, and splatted the wall and table to hold myself up. He grabbed my arm to check my pulse and then gave me a look because it was racing.

IT WAS RACING. I couldn't have been more thrilled. I was sweating. Racing. Panting. And my BP was bottomed. Holy **** it was perfect. The look was, "Hm..." and I was all, "Yeah, about that whole up and down thing, it hasn't been working out for me lately either."

He tried to get my bp and it wouldn't register at first, so he took it again. "...so we're going to try you on the labetalol."

I could have danced. I had a symptom in office. That rarely occurs.

After that wonderful display I went outside and went next door to pay a bill and found the office dark and the office beyond lit with people in it. I stared balefully at the woman there. I picked up my money order and paper slip. I dialed their number on my cellphone.


"Are you closed-closed or reopening?"

"We're closed."

"Oh...I was hoping to pay a bill but I can't mail it or it won't get to you by the first and-"

"...are you the person standing outside our window?"

"Yes," I said with a sad lilt and pout, and slowly lifted the paper, "and I have money."

They let me in because I was pathetic and I paid the bill. I left feeling rather stupid and returned to work. I will have to fill my prescriptions later after work once I make up the 30-mins extra my lunch break office visit took. XD

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