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Weird blister-like bumps


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Just a question. My daughter is now coming up with small blister type bumps that start out as a red dot under the skin. This lasts for a couple of days then grows and becomes bigger. It looks like a tiny little water blister. Just wondering if anyone has had anything like this. We had to have a biopsy taken of them today because this is the third time she has had them just recently. Immunologist isn't sure what it is. Two weeks for results.

Would appreciate any info.

Thanks so much

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Are they itchy? I was reading about celiac (see thread on other heath conditions) and was led to a page about dermatitis herpetiformis :P here's the link if it helps any, the symptoms sound kind of similiar, and although there are many things it could be, thought I'd offer this recent bit of knowledge I gained :P


I hope the test results come back helpful, you and your daughter are in my prayers

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If they are like what my daughter gets, Dr. Grubb said they are peziotic granules (something like that) and are a result of her also having EDS (hyperflexibility) . Sometimes they progress to almost an impetigo-like condition, and sometimes antibiotics seems to help . She also gets cuts that won't heal and sunburns easily. You can chack an EDS website. Joan

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