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Teeth Cleaning With A Virus


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I caught a little virus off my granddaughter a couple days ago, but haven't had a fever. I've just felt sniffles, and also felt body aches.

I didn't know what to do about getting my teeth cleaned, and thought they would make me wait a long time for the next appt. if I cancelled.

I told the hygenist that I have a little virus, and she didn't seem concerned at all and went ahead with the cleaning. I don't bleed much as my hygene with my teeth is very good. I go for cleanings every four months. At one time they said I had a MVP years ago, but now say I don't. Antibiotics were stopped in the 90s as prophylactic treatment beofre dental work.

With this virus my mid spine hurts like crazy, and my head feels congested in my ears, and I have some sinus drainage-----it's a weird virus. My granddaughter has a mildly congested nose, but otherwise no other symptoms.

My heart rate has been running in the upper 60s and BPs have averaged 105/65---in that range. I had a low fever of 99.0, and BP spiked to 140/88.

I took my temp again, and it's now 98.6. My normal runs about 97.6.

Maxine :0)

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Thank you for your well wishes--- :lol:

No anesthetic is used for teeth cleaning for me. I don't use it for fillings either, unless it's really deep---and even then I avoid it.

I don't use epi in my local anesthetics. I use carbocaine because when I use lidocaine--(even without epi) I get a bad reaction---adverse, whatever you want to call it. All I know is that I want to climb out of my own skin when I get this way. That's why I avoid locals.

I'm super paranoid right now----especially with the strong flu viruses this year. Last year I got so sick I was seeing double. With all my health problems right now I can't afford to get sick again. I'm a little paranoid of any infection getting to my heart due to having my teeth cleaned while fighting a virus. It's hard to tell sometimes if it a virus of congestion from my cervical/cranial instability, as I'll get this from time to time along with deep bone pain & joint pain, and fatigue-----beyond my usual.

Maybe I should go to my PCP and have him do some blood work. I'm so wiped out lately, and my spine pain has worsened with more spasms.

Maxine :0)

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