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How long for results of 24 hr urine

Guest Mary from OH

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Guest Mary from OH

Does anyone know how long it takes for the 24 hr urine test take to come back for Pheo??

Also, Does anyone know if I should still go ahead and have the blood test done too? No matter what the results say? Especially if it's negative?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi, Mary. The processing times for the urine test varies by lab, but it shouldn't be longer than one business week, I would think.

The plasma free metanpherine test is a good idea, particularly if your urine test comes back negative. False negatives are relatively common, as some pheos secrete catechomolines only episodically, and one can have 'normal' readings when the tumor is not active. One question to ask yourself is whether you were symptomatic during your urine test, and/or did you have an 'episode' while collecting for the test. If you WERE experiencing symptoms or you DID have an "episode", and the test is NEGATIVE, you should feel a bit more confident that whatever is causing those symptoms is NOT pheo. Nevertheless, I would still recommend the plasma test, as the incidents of false negatives are extremely low (less than 1%, according to some NIH studies).

Likewise, if your urine test comes back positive, you might also want to get the blood test. False positives are ALSO common with the urine. Certain meds can elevate catecholomines, as can certain foods, caffeine, and alcohol. I'm sure the lab told you to abstain from any offending substances during your test, but this is just something to keep in mind if you get a slightly elevated reading. My understanding is that an extremely elevated reading (ie, double the high end of the reference range or more) is normally indicative of pheo.

Keep us posted, OK? I can provide you with more guidance and information on the PFM test if/when needed.



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