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you are awesome! how did you remember that? wow! thank you!

sorry i didn't reply sooner! i get distracted when reading all of the new posts...and think to myself, oh i need to reply to that later....and do i remember? nope! i think i should write more things down huh?

anyway, i DID have an appt. thursday! but it was with my PCP who at this point is not sure what to think. he IS taking it seriously, but since i haven't had another "attack" we are not sure what to think.

he referred me to the GI doc who i will see on thursday. my PCP thought i should have him look over the u/s and CT scan and see if he would interpret them differently. i appreciate that my PCP knows his "limits"...but dread yet another doctor's appt!

so, i no news really. i just go to bed every nite and hope there won't be an "attack"!

thanks so much for thinking of me and remembering. please also keep us posted on your news with your GI stuff! k? i probably would have put off all of the testing until the holidays too if i were you! i would have made the same decision you did!

later alligator!


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