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Relaxation Response And Gene Expression


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RR and gene response to stress article

OK, I saw this in one of the magazines in my allergist's office. It explores the gene expression and results of continued relaxation response training. The relaxation response is the opposite of the fight/flight response. It is ANS training of a sort, not a cure, but a medical look at what happens when the body deals with stress and behavioral ways of dealing with it. Sorta holistic-biofeedback stuff. There is a strong mind/body connection and science is proving it. Can we meditate our way to health? I don't know, but it is medically proven to help. :lol:

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Well, I did biofeedback for a while. I was able to reduce my heart rate somewhat -- but never down to normal. And as soon as I stopped each exercise, it was back to my normal. So I guess if I just did biofeedback 24-7 it might help. Otherwise, not so much.

Biofeedback expert I went to said as much. He gave up on me. :(

That's not to say it's a BAD thing to do. It was relaxing. I just don't think it's a cure, at least for me.


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Can we meditate our way to health?

Well let's see ... I've been a Zen meditator for 10 years. I guess it is theoretically possible that I could be in WORSE shape without my formal practice .... bug GEEZ I really can't imagine. LOL

When I first started Zazen, way back when it was because I was desparate to find something to help my body/mind heal. Even when I lost my job due to POTS in 07 I still believed that if I just cranked up my practice I'd be able to "rest and recover" my remembered health. Back then I was mediating at least three times a day, with bio-feedback verified results that I was indeed lowering my ANS arousal. Did it help my POTS or my rapid decline in 08? Nope.

I no longer have a formal meditation practice in order to heal ... I meditate now because I am drawn to the emptyness, the vast stillness, the space in which I can truly apperceive that this body/mind is NOT that which I AM.

But hey, that's just me ... as always your mileage may vary. LOL

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If there was a way to boost our parasympathetic activity then it could work to some extent. But then again so does a gaba med LOL.

This was kinda what I was thinking. :(

EM- I knew if anyone had experience with this you would! I simply found it interesting that science is finally "catching" the mind/body connection in action. I'm always open to new or different approaches, so my reading casts a rather broad net. ;)

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