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Diastolic too high?


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I'm curious if anyone else has this. In the past I haden't monitored my BP as much as I do now that I have been taking Proamatine. I take my BP 4 times daily. In the mornings and evenings before and after meds. Laying down, sitting up and standing up. On some of my standing up readings before meds have been like this: 101/90 or 97/90. After meds it ends up looking like this 108-115/60's - 80.

I was wondering if the diastolic is to high or dangerous? Now that I have had a few readings like this I am getting concerned. I will ask my doctor about it on monday. Since my doctor is by no means a POTS specialist. I wanted to see if this was common or not.

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I can't answer your question about the diastolic pressure being too high--I can only tell you that I frequently have the same thing.

If I'm remembering correctly, they would say your total reading has a low "pulse pressure", meaning there isn't much difference between the systolic and diastolic pressures. Here's some info:


Nina :D

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