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More Random Hives & Autoimmune Disease Link


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I've been dealing with random hives for a couple of long years. I worry about these more than I should, rationally, but since I had them from Cashews once I still avoid eating nuts, just in case!

I've been trying to pay attention and while I get them eating sometimes, I also get them from heat, stress, etc. (Does anyone else here get hives from having a good cry? I find this odd, but noticed mine were much worse after a bad day/cry.)

I found this article online, and really want to have this test, especially since my last allergist visit ended with him assuming they were an autoimmune response. Has anyone had this test?


In persons with autoimmune hives, the IgG autoantibody that binds to the Fc-receptor tricks the mast cell into believing that the IgE on its surface has encountered an allergen. When this happens, hives or tissue swelling can result. (The diagram above shows a Mast cell with purple histamine granules. The "patient IgG" is the autoantibody that binds to the Fc-receptor.)

Once it has been discovered that the anti-IgE Fc-receptor antibody is present in a patient?s blood, it is no longer necessary to look for any other cause for hives. Why this autoantibody triggers hives only intermittently is unknown.

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I've had chronic hives for the past 13 years. I initially got them after taking an antibiotic and then started getting them on a daily basis. Sometimes I'll have a few months where I'm hive free but they always come back.

I've had a lot of tests and they can't come up with a reason as to why I get them. Not sure if I had the test you're talking about.

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This is interesting and I may have to see about this test. Odd I never ran across it before...

Anyone know if what they are describing is like MCAD with a different name or if it is actually quite different? At first I thought it sounded like the opposite of MCAD almost, but then it started to just sound like another way of looking at it?

Interesting... Something else to ponder...


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This really stood out to me, as mine are so random:

Why this autoantibody triggers hives only intermittently is unknown.

Does MCAD have more consistent allergic triggers?

I really want the blood tests because my allergist in the Midwest said an allergist here would want to do a full set of tests because of different allergens. It was painful, annoying, and costly and I'd rather not do it if I don't have to. I'll let you know what I find out.

I was surprised by this article too because my random hives are driving me crazy!

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