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Stress enduced


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I was wondering if this happens to anyone else here. I had a tremendously huge stressful week and yesterday was the clincher. Today I am soooo cold, with a migraine and can't hardly breath. I can't even eat, because I lose my breath.

My hypersensitivities are so bad, I can barely eat when I can breath. Am I the only one? :unsure:

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No..you are not alone...I am right there with you...feeling the SAME way!

Exactly the same way! You are NOT alone! So-o-o cold, head hurts, bodily aches, can't eat, can barely think!

I hope you feel better soon!

It is an awful feeling.


(I have started Physical Therapy and the stress it is causing my ANS system will either be a very 'good' thing or will be a very 'bad' thing. Right now it feels like a very 'bad' thing...but will let you know tomorrow!)

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