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joint pain


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can bad stiff swollen joints be a part of POTS or is that part of something else? i just wonder if i have something else like lupus or psoriasis going on since i get the flaky red skin on my face and bad pain too but had negative ANA and not sure whats going on, anyway thanks for any input,


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Swollen joints are not typically part of ANS dysfunction. Some people do get joint aches and pains (I'm one of them), and some also get swollen glands/lymph nodes. You should probably get checked by your doctor as there are a number of things that can cause joint swelling, including arhtritis, lyme disease, infections, injury, etc.


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I didn't really have trouble with this until the past few months. Turns out that milk or milk-based products cause my hands to become stiff and sore and feel fat, adn eventually it spreads to my feet, then knees and hips. It took a while after discontinuing the milk, but now the pain is gone unless I slip up and again consume it.

Just something for you to consider.

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