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Anyone Able To Take A Statin For High Cholesterol?

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Sorry, I can't comment for myself. But did want to mention that my husband started a brand name statin about a half dozen years ago. Within 6 months he had horrid back pain. He stopped the prescribed statin and began taking Red Rice Yeast -- with our Doctor's knowledge. The RRY lowered his cholesteral just as much as the prescribed drug but with no side effects.

I saw last week in the news there are some recent positive studies on this natural compound -- which does act as a statin in the blood. A Doctor's follow up with either is essential. I can't recall what brand he uses, but can look it up and PM whoever is interested.

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I've taken statin drugs for years. I started out on Zocor, but it did little to lower my cholesterol, even at fairly large doses. I've been on Vytorin for a couple of years now, and it does seem to do the trick. I've noticed NO side effects from either of these drugs.

I was kinda "iffy" about these drugs, too....however, my doctor pointed out that they work not only by lowering cholesterol, but they seem to help plaques stabilize...nightmare scenario would be a plaque breaking loose during one of my constant vascular spasms and forming a clot. That made me listen and take it more seriously.

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