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OT: How do you post picture by your name?

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this is off-topic, but related to this site...so i hope it is okay...

i saw cattale's odie and i thought it was pretty cool and i love the personal pics by names...like nina's mightmouse.

are they called atars? i figured out how to do the ones that are one the site here. but how do you put your own up?

is it a complicated computer technical process? i am bit bad at computer stuff.

sorry to bug you on this...if it is really hard to do, just let me know and i won't try!



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Yes, it's called an avatar, and you select it via your profile settings. You can either upload a small file, or link to file that you have already uploaded on a server. So, for example, my file can be found in my personal webspace at http://users.snip.net/~ninawilde/avatar.jpg

so I put that address into the line that asks for the avatar url. You'll see the other option is to browse through your hardrive files to find what you need. One of the biggest errors folks make is using a file that doesn't meet the guildelines listed on the avatar settings--no bigger than 64 kb and a certain number of pixels.

If you need help, email me privately and I'll be glad to walk you through the process via instant messaging.


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good grief nina! that is like greek to me, but i sort of understand...i will try it first one of these days and if it doesn't work i will let you know!

somehow i knew you would be the one to reply...you are miss computer! thanks so much!

see, as geneva says, you are part super-hero...:)

i really appreciate that help! i really want to learn how to be more comfortable with computer stuff.


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