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Just wanted to post my frustration. My kids are out and I thought if I rested this morning my boyfriend and I might be able to go see a movie. I hardly ever do much as I usually don't feel well. But I thought I would try tonight. I slept in have not done too much and took a shower. I was drying my hair and then ..............too sick.....have to sit, sweating, weak. Have to rest and there is absolutaely nothing else that will help me really other than lying flat.

I know people in my life get frustrated with me and I probably get more frustrated than all of them but I really have absolutaley no other recourse than to lay down. My daughter is antsy and wants me to take her to her friends house... sure wish there was a pill I could take and get better faster!!

Erika :lol::(

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Sorry your feeling bad and frustrated. I do understand , I go through it daily and push and push and break once in awhile. LOL I remember the last time I tried to go to the movies with husband back in October 08 it was my B-day we went to dinner 1st and I was really proud of myself by time we reached theater I just gave him a look and he knew I couldn't do it . I know he was disappointed because we have 2 small kids and never get out much, but on the way home we stopped at a video store bought a few movies and snacks and turned the living room into our own personal lay down theater. I try to put it out of my mind and keep fighting because negative thinkings and feelings will not help you in any way...Keep your head up :lol:


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I can relate to what you're going through. I hardly ever make it to the movies, and I used to love going. Now it's the noise, the crowd, my headaches and just being too sick to go. What REALLY bothers me is when I try to make plans with someone and I have to keep canceling since I never know if I'll feel up to going out that day or not. Usually not. I get so frustrated with myself, and humiliated. So, here's a huge dose of support and a big hug. Know that you're never along.


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Thanks guys! I know you understand. I am not at all sure the rest of the world understands but I know you all do.

I tried to explain to my kids and boyfriend, who are all supportive, that it isn't that I am tired...or just a little weak. It is that if I don't lay down I feel like I won't make it!! There is no choice....it is not that I just want to take it easy...I have to lay down or fall down. Anyway it is a comfort to know I am not alone.

Erika :blink:

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