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Anyone Take Digoxin?

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i have been taking digoxin for years and all of a sudden, doctor says i dont need it and to just stop it but i dont feel right just stopping it suddenly, what do

you think? i really am not sure why i was taking it all these years anyway, i do have tachcardia, but no arythmyas or abnormal rhythm, still do you think its

ok just to stop it so fast? thanks for any help


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I have heart problems and was also on Digoxin, but couldn't tolerate it well. As with all medications, I believe that it's always better to slowly go off a med. I would cut them in half for a week and see how you respond, then 1/4 for a week, then every other day if necessary before completely going off. Most of us with dysautonomia are very drug sensitive, so better safe than sorry.


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Digoxin is used for treating heart rhythm problems. It works to slow conduction through the AV node. The arrhythmia that it is used to treat is artial fibrillation. As far as I know it doesn't work well on other arrhythmias. It does have a second use though - for patients in heart failure (low left ventricular ejection fraction) it can make the heart beats more forceful and reduce back pressure (it has a positive inotropic effect).

If you don't have either atrial fibrillation or heart failure then your doctor's suggestion to try stopping the digoxin sounds sensible. I'll echo the suggestion that cutting down before stopping may be sensible.

Hope all goes well,


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